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Hello Readers, Tom and I have recently been getting ready for the launch of the new blog at as was stated in a recent post. We have been doing many things to prepare for our third and (hopefully) final move, and one of those things has been setting up advertisements.  We have been looking […]

Hmm…, I imagine a lot of you are thinking. Why haven’t there been any witty updates over at TB Tech recently? Well perhaps not so witty, but there have been numerous things going on behind the scenes with me that have taken up much of my time. Family matters have occupied much of this lost […]

Throughout these last couple of months, the numbers here at TB Tech Blog have been rising. We’ve had almost one thousands hits already, and it’s been just over a month since we started here at WordPress. This has been the direct result of your support. You can view our latest news and posts in many […]

It’s been twenty-eight days since we moved from our previous home (Blogspot) to WordPress — and we’ve had our best month ever. The team and I are rapt with the amazing contribution from our viewers — in just 28 days, we’ve reached 410 views. I’m sure this will keep climbing as we perfect our content […]