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In an ever-changing, ever-improving market, makers of consumer notebooks increasingly have to keep up in two different areas: of course, the central technologies area, to ensure their model is as good or better than the next competitor in the area of performance, but, as we have seen especially in the past few years, the area […]

Pros loud, statement-making design wonderful display massive 300gb hard drive standard speedy processor reliable excellent value for money Cons Vista Ultimate should be standard no high-definition drive available display could be at higher resolution design won’t appeal to everyone Design Whilst the casing design won’t appeal to everybody, HP never intentioned the dv2840tx Artist Edition […]

In a world where computer makers consistently make bold claims that are so completely beside the point of their particular model, it’s nice to come across a type that does what it claims. Basically, the new HP Artist Edition laptop will certainly satisfy any graphic designer, or digital artist, who needs a portable Windows machine […]