Hong Kong, here I come


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As those close to me know, Hong Kong is a favourite destination of mine – my family and I make a point to visit every two years at about this time.

It’s that time again now, and I’ll be away from Sydney for 10 days. Sounds good, because the weather here in Sydney is pretty dismal, and not to mention quite freezing, so a warmer climate will be welcome!

I don’t travel to Hong Kong just to marvel at the natural beauty, modern architecture and colonial beauties; I travel to buy tech, most of the time.

A shopping list

The main item I am looking for on this trip is a nice, beginner’s DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera, to replace my now 2-year-old (HK-bought) Sony DSC-H5. The H5 has been a terribly faithful and well-performing snapper, but now that I am moving past the bounds of point-and-shoot models, I am hoping to find a good price (out at Mong Kok) on an EOS 400D or 450D from Canon, or perhaps something from Nikon, not sure.

My mother is also on the lookout for a slim and light camera – I thought one of Canon’s excellent PowerShot point-and-shoots would suffice. Any advice there?

A travel agenda

I leave this morning at 11:30am by taxi to the airport. This will be the first time that we fly Virgin Atlantic to Hong Kong – each other time we have flown with Hong Kong’s flag carrier, Cathay Pacific. So, this should be quite an experience.

While there, we hope to travel around the island, perhaps further into the mainland than just Kowloon, and generally have a relaxing time.

I return to Sydney on the 16th.

What to look forward to

Rest assured I will be photoblogging on my Flickr account – and posting the best shots (as well as some HK-related content) on the new blog at tbtech.info. I hope you guys like them!


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