What’s going on at the moment?


The banner from the new site!

Hmm…, I imagine a lot of you are thinking. Why haven’t there been any witty updates over at TB Tech recently?

Well perhaps not so witty, but there have been numerous things going on behind the scenes with me that have taken up much of my time.

Family matters have occupied much of this lost time lately; however, events such as CeBIT, my photography hobbies, work, and a couple of review products that have required some attention have got me in a bit of a spin.

However, tune in – here’s a comprehensive update on the stuff that’s going on in regards to the site.

We’re almost ready to move!

As many of you will have guessed, from the hint in the sidebar, a couple of months ago we purchased the new domain name tbtech.info, and thanks to a lot of hard work from my loyal and ever-amazing designer-friend Will, the new site is looking great and it’s almost ready to go.

We’ll hopefully be fully moving within the next two weeks. Bookmark tbtech.info – it’s going to be our permanent address very soon.

What are we reviewing now?

I’ve got two things to review right now.

Firstly there’s the Dell XPS M1530 15.4″ ‘gaming’ laptop. My review unit is also the (PRODUCT)RED variety which is quite nice. It’s very good looking – somebody in the design department at Dell finally has the right idea. It’s pretty thin – not quite as thin as my hero notebook, the MacBook Pro, but it’s just as light realistically. However, it’s footprint is a little bit bigger, and it feels much larger to use on your lap.

Secondly, we’ve got the Palm Treo 500. This is a QWERTY smartphone – the first non-touchscreen Treo that I can remember. It’s running Windows Mobile 6 Standard on a 312MHz XScale processor, which can be a little slow at times. However, the full QWERTY keyboard is brilliant, and I’m nearly as fast on that as on BlackBerry’s SureType (Pearl) keyboard, which is my favourite messaging ‘pad at the moment.

Reviews of these devices will be complete in the next couple of weeks. Shots will be on Flickr over the weekend so keep checking the photostream.

Well, that’s pretty much it from the TB Tech front – check back soon for a weekend update on the state of the new site. For now, though, click over to tbtech.info for a peek at what’s to come. There’s still a few niggles, obviously… but expect good things from us in the next few weeks!


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