HP’s Artist Edition is actually great for artists


TB Tech Blog - HP Pavilion dv2840tx Artist Edition

In a world where computer makers consistently make bold claims that are so completely beside the point of their particular model, it’s nice to come across a type that does what it claims.

Basically, the new HP Artist Edition laptop will certainly satisfy any graphic designer, or digital artist, who needs a portable Windows machine for working on the go.

I am speaking of HP’s newest 14.1″ Pavilion notebook, the dv2840tx Artist Edition. Whilst its core structure is identical to its dv2000 series siblings, as you can see in the above shot, the Artist Edition’s design is anything but ordinary — it features a work of art for its entire usable surfaces designed by Joao Oliveira, from Portugal (who entered in last year’s HP/MTV notebook design competition). And whilst this is nice, this is only a design. So-called ‘artists’ will want more than a pretty laptop.

Under the hood we’ve got a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo ‘Penryn’ processor. It is quick – the fastest mid-range Vista laptop we’ve tested. There’s two gigs of RAM, for all that Photoshop and Illustrator work that will probably go on in this notebook, and a dedicated 128mb NVIDIA 8400M GS graphics card which handles immersive games pretty well.

But when it comes to what will really appeal to artists, it has to be the hard drive. This puppy packs a 300gb drive – more than most mid-range desktops. After formatting, about 285gb is available. I’d imagine that this will be all that a graphic designer will need for his or her portable work – in two or three years (a sensible lifespan for a notebook), it would be hard to fill the drive completely. It is very, very nice to not have to worry about space, at all.

You can expect one of our quick reviews on the dv2840tx Artist Edition in the coming weeks. For now, though, go have a look at our Flickr.


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