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Hmm…, I imagine a lot of you are thinking. Why haven’t there been any witty updates over at TB Tech recently? Well perhaps not so witty, but there have been numerous things going on behind the scenes with me that have taken up much of my time. Family matters have occupied much of this lost […]



As promised earlier in the year, I’m here at CeBIT Australia 2008, “reporting” with my colleague¬†Tom Wilkins. We don’t want to spend too much time couch-potatoting on the bean bags here, but we’ve seen a lot of interesting tech so far. Lots and lots of router tech; but some great new water-cooling technology through vendors […]

T. Baker & T. Wilkins Like many aspiring technology departments, the innovative Windows Live section of the empire that is Microsoft has a ‘Labs’ section for its emerging, yet buggy technologies. Usually this is the haunt of new, socially networked scientific calculators (seeing as everything must be socially networked these days) but over the past […]

Pros loud, statement-making design wonderful display massive 300gb hard drive standard speedy processor reliable excellent value for money Cons Vista Ultimate should be standard no high-definition drive available display could be at higher resolution design won’t appeal to everyone Design Whilst the casing design won’t appeal to everybody, HP never intentioned the dv2840tx Artist Edition […]

Throughout these last couple of months, the numbers here at TB Tech Blog have been rising. We’ve had almost one thousands hits already, and it’s been just over a month since we started here at WordPress. This has been the direct result of your support. You can view our latest news and posts in many […]

Generally, I don’t post news that’s probably been repeated thousands of times around the interwebs here at TB Tech – however, this evening has proved too important. Our friends at Engadget have just broken the news that Vodafone (my chosen carrier) has indeed signed a massive contract with Apple, and it will soon be selling […]

In a world where computer makers consistently make bold claims that are so completely beside the point of their particular model, it’s nice to come across a type that does what it claims. Basically, the new HP Artist Edition laptop will certainly satisfy any graphic designer, or digital artist, who needs a portable Windows machine […]