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I’m currently holidaying on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. However, the hotel I’m staying at has an interesting cable internet system that doesn’t support Macs.

Whilst this surprised me, what surprised me more was the hotel’s inability, or lack of motivation, to do anything about the problem — leaving me to have to use the local Starbucks for internet.

I haven’t used wireless internet at American Starbucks, but here in Australia, it’s a bit rich. Two hours of usage will cost you A$26, whilst a coffee will only set you back A$3-A$4. And whilst Starbucks here offers a very quick connection through Telstra’s fairly wide network of public WiFi in larger towns, in my opinion, more inexpensive, or free, public wireless internet should be an aim of the government, or at least an aim of the numerous chains who offer wireless in addition to their restaurant services.

And yet whilst I write this, two hours at Starbucks has offered more than enough time to read my latest updates from NetNewsWire, check my email, catch up on Engadget’s news, read my colleagues’ Twitter posts (‘twits’?) and of course write this post, among other things.

So I leave you today with this rather off-topic post. While I’m away, have a Mocha frappe from Starbucks. They’re good.

Image by Paul Carson (Flickr)


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