Playing with light


TB Tech Blog - Spectrum Image

My new Logitech Alto Express stand has proved useful for many things. Obviously, it elevates my MacBook Pro for ergonomic use with an external keyboard and mouse. However, because of the outlook of my house and the said elevation of my notebook, sunny mornings can produce some beautiful effects over its keyboard.

The above photo is one I shot this morning. The light was quite fascinating, really, because it covered almost the entire spectrum — from very bright and washed out on the left to almost black on the right.

Just thought I’d share it!

Be sure to check out my Flickr photostream, where I post more like this often.


2 Responses to “Playing with light”

  1. 1 jopriest

    Great photo, must be a shop though!
    Such a fine eye to find see such a great picture, truly commendable!

  2. 2 Tom

    Cheers, Priesty.

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