‘Cosmetic surgery’ for the iPod touch


TB Tech Blog - iPod touch black finish

Initial confusion

When the iPod touch was first announced, I decided on the eve of the iPod event that I was going to buy one.

However as I browsed the sites searching for more images of the magnificent device — a gadget that heralded Apple’s international multi-touch foray — tech bloggers around the globe were unable to discern from Apple’s own pictures as to whether the rear of the device was indeed signature iPod chrome, or a matte silver finish.

Indeed, Apple’s studio shooting conditions mislead many, including me for a while. When we all found out that the touch, whilst keeping the iPhone’s spectacular front-end, included an almost-full-chrome rear to match its iPod siblings, I found myself disappointed and rethinking my previous, somewhat early, decision to plonk $419 for the iTouch.

The problem

However, the immense beauty and revolutionary features of the thing prevailed, and I did buy an 8gb model on the first day they were on sale. And for the first couple of weeks I was extremely pedantic about that chrome back — at it with the packaged cloth every ten minutes.

However, now that I’ve had it for more than half a year, I have relaxed somewhat on the ‘worsening’ state of the back of my touch. Of course, I keep it in a protective sleeve when not being used for music, video or web surfing; but when it is being used, if it scratches that easily, then you can hardly stop the process.

A solution

However today I came across this gem of a treatment on the net — an American company called ‘Knight Creations‘ will allow you to send them your iPod nano third-gen, iPod touch, or iPhone (although I feel a bit wary about sending my beast right around the world to Pennsylvania) and they’ll fit it with what looks like a matte black back, called the ‘TiAlN’ back.

For US$129 you’ll have a completely fresh look, and no scratches, for a while. I think it looks worthwhile, and in six months or so if I do it, I’ll report on how it works and the end result.


3 Responses to “‘Cosmetic surgery’ for the iPod touch”

  1. 1 jopriest

    How long will the process take?
    Just for reference

  2. 2 Tom

    They don’t exactly specify, Jamie — international shipping to America takes 1-2 weeks each way, so I suppose your iPod would be gone for a month, possibly a little more.

    Why can there never be this sort of thing available in Australia!?

    😀 Tom

  3. 3 simonfenech

    You could probably do something like this in Singapore although im not sure you would trust them with your $400 ipod touch.


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