New Cinema Displays could be great


Current Cinema Displays

One of Apple’s more obscure products is their Cinema Display line — they mainly serve the purpose as displays for Mac Pro towers, but they’re an elegant piece of design that probably deserves more promotion.

However, the current models are getting a bit long in the tooth. Our graphic designer and fellow blogger, Will, is actually holding off buying one of the almost five-year-old Displays in hope that a new model will emerge from the depths of Apple soon.

The Cinema Display, whilst being an attractive hunk of aluminium, is certainly showing its age.

Most glaringly, it has not joined the rest of the Mac range (although technically this isn’t a Mac) in including an integrated iSight camera — and because of this, non-notebook Cinema Display users are forced to buy third-party webcams, because Apple pulled its external iSight more than a year ago.

Possibly the most valuable new feature of a proposed new Display model would be that ideal integrated webcam. Dell has proved that it’s certainly possible to put in fairly high-resolution cams in displays — they have got 2 megapixel models available, which is better than Apple’s integrated models at the moment.

Also on our agenda is a thinner profile (they’re rather portly currently), and possibly an HD model in the 20″ size. And lower prices! These things are pretty expensive!

Apple’s upcoming WWDC expo would be a nice place to launch these babies. Let’s hope it happens! Then maybe I will buy one too.


One Response to “New Cinema Displays could be great”

  1. 1 Lawrence Sullivan

    Though I would like to see webcams, some say they won’t be in the Cinema Display line because they are geared towards ‘professionals’, and pro’s don’t iChat?! Well the new MacBook Pro’s have webcams, so i’m hoping the new CD’s do too!

    It is my feeling that they are waiting for LCD backlighting on these babies. Now that would be sweet – and thin!

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