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When first buying my Mac, I was still something of an Apple beginner. So Microsoft Office for Mac (2004 at that stage) looked very enticing. Pity it was only designed for PowerPC processors, and therefore had to run through Rosetta, the Apple technology that ‘translated’ PowerPC-native apps into something an Intel processor could read. And […]

It’s been twenty-eight days since we moved from our previous home (Blogspot) to WordPress — and we’ve had our best month ever. The team and I are rapt with the amazing contribution from our viewers — in just 28 days, we’ve reached 410 views. I’m sure this will keep climbing as we perfect our content […]

We’ve got some news today: TB Tech Blog is the newest member of the Authentic Jobs Affiliates Program, run by Cameron Moll’s ‘Authentic Jobs’ venture. The aim of Authentic Jobs is to provide our professional readers with a portal to find a new job in the fields of web design, graphic design, and development (plus […]



iPods have always been called by their full names. Originally, of course, there was only one model of the ‘iPod’, so there was no need to shorten this any further (not that even modern iPod names need to be shortened further). However, in the seven or so years since the iPod’s inception, longer names have […]



I’m currently holidaying on the Sunshine Coast, in Queensland. However, the hotel I’m staying at has an interesting cable internet system that doesn’t support Macs. Whilst this surprised me, what surprised me more was the hotel’s inability, or lack of motivation, to do anything about the problem — leaving me to have to use the […]

On its release, Leopard received a bit of ‘flak’ for the inclusion of Cover Flow — the rich album art-based interface of iTunes 7 — in the Mac OS X Finder, which is similar to Windows Explorer on a PC. I don’t think it was fair to criticise Apple for the option to use Cover […]

My new Logitech Alto Express stand has proved useful for many things. Obviously, it elevates my MacBook Pro for ergonomic use with an external keyboard and mouse. However, because of the outlook of my house and the said elevation of my notebook, sunny mornings can produce some beautiful effects over its keyboard. The above photo […]